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Hottest Moment Ever

hold it against me
Me dancing in my tanktop and black boxerbriefs while I sing Britney's "I Love Rock & Roll"

lol =-)

LMAO- A Porn Offer!

hold it against me
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hold it against me
I havent updated this lil thingy.

Well yesterday I had a busy day.

Went to the doctor, the nurse made me get naked in front of her, how embarrassin. She made me cough while laying down and my penis

Worked out, pretty good again i guess. I cursed out Joshua and he got mad at me, and I gotta make it up to him today by watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre with him.

Came home, got ready and met up with Jimmy(dummyhed) and went to Best Buy to get the new Britney In The Zone DVD. Got on the train and some muscular lookin dude was checkin me out until he got off, I was bored so I had "eye sex" with him, he montioned me to get off the train at 59th street but no, it was just eye sex... NOT REAL He kept waiting for me and staring, I turned around and the doors to the train Went to Vigin Megastore, then to Radio Shack and got a new v-tech phone which plays MIDI's from my pc, so now it plays "Touch Of My Hand" by Britney. I think it's pretty cool. Then walked around and went to Subway...MM. We then took the train I was on the 6 and a guy and a girl were checking me out at once, how cool? They were okay looking tho.

My friend Diane introduced me to a cute guy named Dennis. He's pretty cool and we were on the phone till god knows how long.

I also met this kid named Joel, hes hot as well and he called me too.

I also spoke with Adam from lj. He's pretty cool... fucking

just woke up, masturbated, spoke to melissa, spoke to carmen... wee.
hold it against me
Yeah the "subject" has nothing to do with the entry. Just cuz I was listening to Michelle Branch and thats what I typed. Yeah so I never told you about Saturday eh? Well On Saturday, Melissa dragged me to Scott's berfday party, who's a friend of hers. I saw Evan (hem hem, and I met some pretty cool and dorky people from Lehman High School. I met Tony, and Jawan who are the funniest guys EVER. God I can loose like 10lbs in 2 days iif they both lived here. Then I came home and I spoke to Jawan online and to Tony on the phone. Tony is the best ever, and he's cute. This might sound wrong, but if he was thin, Id totally date him. Seriously, he's so cool and funny, and he could get really cute if he dropped weight and got in shape. But moving on. Came home and did noshing, which got me pissed. Ate lots of Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream. Yes I know, not good.

SUnday I did nothing but sleep and ate that whole pint of ice cream. I was really sad. I also set up an interview for modeling on the 17th! So Im fucking ecstatic!!!!!!!!!Wish me luck guys. Joshua was at my personal trainers house at night and he told me to come over, you betcha I did. I ran over there so fast I ripped my pj bottoms. I beat him at Backgammon

Today I worked out my ass off. Godamn I'm tired. I worked out with Joshua so that was pretty cool. He beat me at I like that kid, god Carmen told me on the phone I should just forget him, hes too young for me. Damn. My pt told him straight out I liked him in his face. He didnt notice, GODDAMN IT JOSHUA, NOTICE!... anywayz. I fell asleep on the couch and my pt took a pic of me with a starburst in my mouthg...psh. Loser. Funny pic tho. Hung out with my friend David, he really isnt my type. And then came home.

That's all I did.

Strawberry Cheesecake

hold it against me
I'm hate being single. And so goddamn picky. I'm sitting here eating Haagen Dazs of the flavor above. I wish I didnt feel so lonely


hold it against me
Last night on the phone with Kevin I loose my left contact... like an idiot! It just fucking disappeared I dont know how!!!!! I'm so pissed. So I call the fucking eye place and they haven't place my order for my contacts. The doctor apologized like a million times. How can you just forget my order? Jesus fucking christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hold it against me
School was so boring today. I'm tired of cryptology. It's fun but annoying. Lunch was fun i guess. I had chicken with rice. It's so good, how can one resist? Acting class was okay. I told Matthew how sexy he got... He did though. No lies. Last year he was just so ugly to me and he's attractive. Doesn't mean I like him like that, because I don't. It's just physical attraction.

Came home, did NOSHING at all. Slept with my contacts on like an idiot. Woke up, went outside bought Capn Crunch and Banana Nut Crunch. Had a can of tuna for dinner like Jessica Simpson. Yup. Nothing else new.


Hot Lights

hold it against me
School was okay today. I mean... I don't know.

In Math we're doing cryptology. Fun college easy but complicated shit

Acting class was annoying cuz the lights were hot and I kept forgetting the stage directions and Margie was like screaming at me. Bah.

Didn't work out cuz my pt was being a lazy bum.

Re-recorded the Britney concert for my friend Randy in Canada.

BORING day..


having self steem isues. Nothing serious though.

Britney Live In Miami

hold it against me
Post thoughts on this lj post on Britney Spears concert in Miami. I wanna discuss it.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

hold it against me
Friday was a half day at school. And I was having a get together right after with about 16-17 people invited. Only 6.


I thought it was gonna suck cuz everyone wa sbeing jerks and cancelled on me at the last minute. We ordered Domino's and had Tropicana I found it funny how when we were watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre everyone was screaming for no reason. Carmen is hyppppper. People are different outside the school. ANd I like it better like that. Because you cant be yourself at school for some reason but you can outside and especially with ur friends.Kathine and I cuddled while watching the movie. It was sweet I think.Then everyone hadda go home and I went and worked out. I was sore like whoa. yeah so friday was fun and I think it should be done wayy more often. I love spending time with my friends!

Happy Birthday Franchescka, Nicole and Natasha!!!!

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